The sessions works on the meridian channels, the muscular structures, and on our emotional and mental body. 

It can connect with our deeper self. A open door for transformation, healing and spiritual understanding.

The treatment can free blocked energies, release tensions, heal old and present injuries, back pain, stiffness on neck, shoulders, headaches, numbness of arms and legs, sciatica and have a general well-being improvement.

You can choose between:
Oil massage: A soft and delicate approach with essential oil fragrances.

Deep tissue: A massage, descending far bellow the skin surface, opening and reaching the body in great depth.
Thai massage: Placed on a tatami with comfortable clothes on. The therapist, gently and slow, stretches your body and applies pressures with harmony. 
Manual therapy: The therapist applies mobilization or  fixed pressure, to treat issues from the articulations and/or soft tissues.


Samantha, spa reception, Lausanne, Switzerland.

You have a very high energy, so if people can feel it; they will love your massage.
I can see how you feel the person and find the problems, some people will love it and some may be shocked, those people that are looking for some touch and a bit of oil on the skin, they may not understand your work.
Your massage is smooth and deep.

Torbion, yogi and Gardener, Denmark.

You are the second massage therapist I did found which I can let go so deep on me.

Ayurveda cook, Germany.

What you do is more than a massage, at least what we normally find and see as a massage. My entire body has come back to balance.

Judith Sauer, Massage Therapist, Gomera.

When you do the initial prayer the whole room is filled up with an extraordinary presence, I did feel safe. You have no fear of what is coming up, I see your confidence.

Swiss Spa client, Russia.

Thank you, I had many massage over the years. And this has been so far the best massage I ever had, and when I say it, I really mean it, Thank you.

Loah, gomera, singer soul toucher.

This hands......!!!