La Palma Retreat

We have a well-prepared programme, ready to move us into a state of clarity and presence. With Yoga, Qi Gong, Satsang, Massage,  Conscious relating group workshops, Dance, Live music...  All to become more sensitive, aware, open and relaxed. 

Enjoy with us a holiday with nice people like you, and Cecile and her organic vegetarian food, at an amazing place with a pool,  sauna, sunset view of the ocean and very comfortable rooms.

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Here with Cecile, our sweet chef and acro yoga expert.

This week we focus on bringing the energy from your head into your body. Many human problems have their source simply in the fact that man is "too much" in the head and "too little" in the heart. For that, we'll do a lot with the body: Yoga, Qi-Gong, Tantra, Coaching, Massage, Dance, Music.


When you feel your body more you notice that you are automatically much more at the moment. To live in the moment is for many of us a feeling of unimaginable great joy. This joy needs no reason, it is not coming from an outside pleasure, it is your deepest core, your inner nature.

From that state, we will do Satsang (spiritual conversation) in a way that allows the moment to unfold the way it wants to. It might be through answering questions that arise or we could be exploring together conditioned, unaware thinking-patterns and discovering whether they are true or not for us and what influence they have on our life if we believe them!
Or there might be an outbreak of repressed emotions… an opening of truth… anything can happen, it is an open space.

This retreat gives you to the possibility to come to know who you are beside your name, your profession, your possessions…. who you are behind your life-story.

For that we have total privacy: we are alone in a beautiful place, no crew, no staff around, just deep connections, easefulness, joy and a family atmosphere.


There’s no time to wait to finally start to enjoy your life fully and deeply. By going within in a profound and holistic way, you can feel how precious life is and find that there is no longer any reason to waste this beautiful energy in fighting, being depressed, feeling ashamed or blaming others. Instead, liberating and using all your energy to live for what you really are: TRUE LOVE.


Extra Superior room, Single 1360€ / Shared 2 people. 1160€ each
Superior room, Single 1260€ / Shared 2 people.1060€ each
Normal room, Single 1090€ / Shared 2 people. 890€ each

Fee includes programme, accommodation and two organic vegetarian meals.

Also, you can come and stay for 1, 2 or 3 days before and after the retreat. Each extra day is 90€ and includes food, room and group morning practice.


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