Svastha yoga, Hatha yoga, Slow yoga 

We'll make the connection between body and breath, smooth and gentle, in that way, we bridge with awareness body and mind. 

Joan shares with you an ancient and traditional powerful practice transmitted in the teachings of A.G. Mohan, Svastha yoga, and his teacher Sri T Krishnamacharya. Joan did a full education on hatha yoga with A.G. Mohan, Indra, and Ganesh.

After these years of practice found on the practice of yoga a source of happiness that comes from inside, that comes out of a silent mind. That experience touches me deeply and pulls me to gather again and again to dive into practice, and I love to share this with you.

Why do yoga?
Objectives and benefits of a consistent yoga practice with Joan:

   1) Balance the muscular structure of the body: In our daily life, as we work or practice a sport, we use mainly a certain group of muscles, while others are kept less active. We can develop a routine to fit and balance our body's.

   2) Growing in strength and power: A regular yoga practice develops our strength and power, bringing in results a firm presence and confidence free from violence.

   3) Learn how to relax, recover and restore body and mind: Is important to increase the capacity to recover from our daily activities, at a physical, emotional and mental level, leading the end of our days to a good rest and sleep.

   4) To increase or to keep the mobility, flexibility, and elasticity of the joints, and muscles: With the age, we become more and stiffer and less flexible, we want to keep our body young and avoid overloads, pain and injuries.

   5) To develop inner and outer awareness and sensibility about ourselves and others: To be capable of being immobile and of choosing an object of attention, in this case, the body and the breath; are leading practices to new habits with Serenity, stillness, and internal knowledge.

6) Meditation: The practice of meditation is the ultimate goal of yoga; We breathe, we stretch and open on Asana with the focus and goal to stay peacefully and with ease on deep meditation. 
By Joan


Loah, Shop Manager.

You make the connection between body and breath so smooth and gentle, there is a power in that breathing and exercises, it's a bridge between body and soul.

Can, yoga practitioner, Turkey-Germany:

That's the best class I ever had, I think your teacher have taught you well the yoga fundamentals.

Fafa, trekking guide, Gomera-France: 

Thanks for teaching me to breathe.

Beata, community cook:

Thanks to Ujjayi breath, I've able to stop smoking.

Horst, retired engineer, La Palma:

After practising yoga with you can not do with any body else.